Traditional Inspection Process of Sheet metal parts

Sheet metal stamped parts are notoriously hard to manufacture due to various problems like spring back, wrinkles, tears in the sheet etc. As well, once they are made, the traditional process was to clamp them down in a checking fixture, and checking/inspecting each feature, like holes and slots one by one on a CMM machine. This could require manual movement of the CMM probes all over the areas of interest, and manually measuring and inspecting the part. This is a very time consuming and laborious work.

The advent of the 3D Scanning and Inspection process
Accomplishing the same task with 3D white light scanning, or laser 3d digitizing, we are able to capture millions of measurement points, each having its own XYZ coordinates. The resulting 3D digital inspection ensures substantial time savings in the quality control, inspection, design and development cycles. And the 3Dimensional scanned data covers each feature on the part more thoroughly than the CMM’s could do.Some of our unique capabilites include 3d investigation and study of dimensions across any part.This is done by examining the 3 dimensional measurements of the scandata in a 3D Metrology software.

With detailed color plots , boundary analysis, GD&T callouts, three dimensional measurements, and feature analysis, and lots more, 3D scanning with digital inspection is the way to go ……!

3D scanning system

3D white light scanner


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