Repeatability and conformity to standards are the magic words in the aerospace industry.

Equally important is the ability of complex assemblies to fit together seamlessly.

Our services help you overcome these difficulties. May it be a BIW problem, component misfit problem, or a host of different size and shape related problems, we will strive to find a suitable and cost effective solution for you.

3D scanning inspections can save you time and money. Our systems can help you achieve repeatability and inspection at a fraction of the cost. Our digital assemblies and scan to CAD overlays can be used as a tool to view potential or already occurring problems. Our state of the art ImetricĀ® photogrammetry system lets us digitize a complex assembly and then individually digitize all the components to form a final digital assembly. Any interference or misfit of these parts can easily be viewed in color plots or cross sections.

-Solve complex assembly fit problems

-Save time over conventional methods

-Use digital assemblies to sort out fit problems

-High quality class A models for your products

Since there is no limit on the size of objects we can digitize, the possibilities are endless. Whole passenger airplanes can be digitized to perform any tests, inspection or comparisons. . In fact, NASA often uses white light digitizing technology for their space shuttle programs. Our new Surphaser long range scanner can measure even larger objects faster than before . This saves even more time on something like a full sized aircraft. Our services in class A surface modeling provide you with aesthetically pleasing models which also confirm to your reflective and other curvature continuity requirements.

-No contact / non-destructive digitizing

-No size restrictions,full size commercial aircraft can be measured

-Onsite scanning can be done outdoors/ indoors.

With our advanced 3d scanning methodology, we can achieve enhanced accuracy for measuring and reverse engineering smaller or larger parts. This is ensured by doing on-field calibration before every 3d scan measurement.

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