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Repeatability and reliability are important words in the automotive industry.

Equally important is the ability of complex assemblies to fit together seamlessly.


    Easily transition from physical to digital models

    Advanced first article inspection

    Aftermarket product design and development saves time and money

    Wear and deformation measurement with digital 3d measurement

    Digital styling and product design

    Advanced analysis and benchmarking

    Quality control for production parts

    BIW fitment problems

    Complex assembly troubleshooting

Our services help you overcome these difficulties. May it be a BIW problem, component misfit problem, or a host of different size and shape related problems, we will strive to find a suitable and cost effective solution for you.

Full size clay design models of automobiles can be scanned and reverse engineered into class A digital CAD models, which can further be used to develop the whole vehicle, and the tooling required to produce it. During this process, we can also modify the design to reflect the target market and the ergonomics of the target users. This whole process saves a lot of design iterations and thus man hours.

First article parts, or in some cases, prototypes, are important in a product development process. The measurement and troubleshooting of these parts ensure that the manufacturing process is working, and the parts conform to the design intent. Since most automotive parts are freeform shaped without primitive geometry definition, they prove to be a challenge when measuring them with conventional metrology, like CMM etc. With our advanced 3d scanning, onsite measurements are done on complex shaped parts, ensuring that they meet specifications at this very initial stage.

During the production process, comparisons of as-built parts to CAD models are shown in our fully customizable, easy-to-understan inspection reports, which include: Color plots, Cross-sections, Annotated call-outs, scan-to-cad overlays, dimensioning, advanced GD&T call-outs, 3d pdf models, and more.

Our work in automotive sector includes

    Engine Blocks
    Interior/exterior body panels
    Seats / cushions
    Door panel
    Window/Windshield glass
    Sheet metal / mufflers / bumpers / hoods
    Clay model reverse engineering
    Headlight reverse engineering and inspection
    Mechanisms and assemblies
    Aftermarket product development

Using our high resolution models in CFD or FEA analysis can also mean substantial time and money savings in vehicle design and development. Using 3d scanning techniques to build digital assemblies has the potential to solve complex fitment and assembly issues. Various BIW manufacturing issues have been resolved using 3D scanning and inspection methods. Wear and deformation measurements are also achieved using these techniques.