Consumer Products

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Industry standard 3D digital formats of our designs are easy to use, modify and manufacture.

With our services, you can design, troubleshoot, reproduce, rapid prototype or reverse engineer any part, no matter the shape or size.

3D Scanning

3D scanning system

3D white light scanner

With our advanced processes, it is easy to design new products around existing ones by using the 3D scanned data models of these existing products. High Resolution 3D scan data enables the current shape of the part to be used as the basis of a new design.

3D Printing

3D printer

3D printing

We deliver industry standard 3d digital formats of our designs that are easy to use, modify and manufacturing. For enhancing the evaluation of a consumer product, we can also create near-functional 3d printed parts with our in-house 3d printing machines.

Any company dealing with designing and manufacturing consumer products know that the four most important factors in their success are visual aesthetics, functionality, price, and time to market.

Using 3d models as a base for the new design ensures seamless fitting and integration with the legacy products. For example, our 3D reverse engineered models of various popular cellular phones were used to design aftermarket products for them, like slip on covers, charging docking stations and other accessories.3d Scanning Quote

Our product design techniques also help you to upgrade your existing products by improving the looks and functionality. We work with inventors and help them from start to finish . This may include 3d scanning of a handmade part , reverse engineering that first model, modifying the design, and then finalizing a full digital design of that part for manufacturing.


    Bring new products to market-faster and cheaper!

    Manufacture complex shaped products with ease

    Use an existing product as base for new product design


    Engineering Grade Services Suited For Automotive/Aerospace

    Create Exact Packaging For Consumer Products

    Precise Medical And Dental Applications