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The Energy Generation Field Has Embraced The 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Technology With Wide Open Arms.

The list of possibilities of using this technology to enhance the energy sector is endless.

Blue Light 3D Scanning

With our blue light 3d scanners, we have reverse engineered extremely complex turbine ( buckets), as well as other related items. Many damaged parts of a power generation unit have been effectively 3D scanned, and the model then used to replace the broken part.

Typical Usage

A typical use of the 3d scanning technology is for measurement and analysis of turbine blades. Traditionally measured by CMM , the process was slow, awkward and not comprehensive. With white light/blue light 3d scanning technology, millions of measurement points in x,y and z directions are measured on the blade within a few seconds. This collected point cloud data is then compared to the original design’s CAD model to analyze existing manufacturing or functional issues. Alternately, this data can also be used as an as-built model to be used later.


    Create a 3D map/model of existing power generation facility.

    Quick and affordable measurement, means less downtime.

    Easily repair, troubleshoot, analyze equipment for dimensional issues.

    White light scanning solves complex turbine measurement issues.

    Reverse engineer damaged parts, and make new parts.

3D Scanning for energy

Our long range 3D scanner Surphaser has been used to accurately map 3D models of power generation plants, dams, electrical substations, giant steam turbine engines, gas pipelines, transmission lines, windmills and more. Measuring these facilities has become easier and affordable than before.