First Article Inspection

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First Article Inspection

We are a dimensional inspection laboratory (DIL), which performs FAI or first article inspection. This process uses our powerful scanning and software tools to analyze digital data for  your  manufacturing process.

Following a comprehensive review of the datum structure,accuracy and the kinds of features to be measured on the part,the appropriate measurement technology is selected.

First article inspection can be completed through vision based laser or white/blue light scanning systems,coordinate-measuring machines (CMM), and 3 axis programmable measurement systems. Any manufactured part can be compared against it original design intent to find out various dimensional irregularities easily.  Since the high resolution 3D scanning captures millions of x,y,z points on the surface of the measured part, 100% coverage of the visible surface is inspected.

First Article Inspection points

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Everything you want to know about your part with our easy to understand, complete coverage first article inspection reports.

Our First Article Inspection Benefits

    Verify all dimensional requirements in the drawings

    Ensure compliance of all design modifications during the prototyping process

    Verify that the required tooling is capable of producing accurate parts

    Ability to generate customized First Article Inspection reports

    Inspection process ensures full part compliance before actual production

First article inspection ensures compliance of the pre-production parts,and makes sure they meet full design, engineering and manufacturing specifications. In addition to CMM checking, we use the latest technology in white light, blue light, and laser scanning to deliver fast, accurate and easy to understand first article inspection reports . Our reports are highly customized for every client, and contain reporting on different variables, features and dimensions.

 Some of the inspection tools that we provide in our reports are easy to read color map reports, well defined CAD-to-Scandata cross sections with the dimensions of interest, Scandata-to-CAD overlays, GD&T reporting and digital assembly interference reporting. Another new and powerful reporting feature is the 3D pdf report , a full spectrum rotatable color mapped first article inspection report of the part.