Laser Tracker Services

Laser Tracker Service

Leica Laser Tracker

The Leica Absolute tracker AT 401 is the world’s largest portable coordinate measuring machine. With its micron level accuracy that is accomplished over its large 1050 feet measuring volume, it is the most versatile large scale CMM ever produced.

It features endless rotational measurements with it sensor that can measure 360 degrees horizontally, and up to 290 degrees in the vertical direction. All, at the micron level precision of a CMM. Some of its unique uses include:

  • Aerospace assembly checks
  • Tool building and inspection
  • Large part alignment
  • Large antenna and assembly construction
  • Tool repeatability and quality control
  • Assembly line installation
  • Precise fixture and gage inspection
  • Align engines and shafts in equipment
  • Large volume blade or machine inspection
  • Ship building and large part measurement
  • Comparison of as-built to design intent CAD
  • Gage R&R checks and process capability studies.

Tracker Accuracy and Resolution

Resolution: 0.1 µm
Accuracy: +/- 10 µm (+/- 0.00039”)
Repeatability: +/- 5 µm (+/- 0.0002”)