3D Scanning

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3D Scanning

3D scanning is an imaging process which captures the digital shape of any object and converts it into a digital format. It is also known as 3D imaging, DSSP( Digital Shape Sampling and Processing), laser digitizing, Laser scanning, white light scanning etc. It can be a contact process or a non-contact process. Contact digitizing includes CMM and arm mounted probes. Non contact 3D scanning has a wider field of choices based on the project. Some of the popular technologies are structured light (white light, blue light), laser (hand held and arm mounted), time of flight, Lidar, CT type laser scanning, and MRI. 

Our non-destructive 3d scanning methods are fast and accurate. We can do most parts and send them back in less than 24 hours. There is no size limit- we have 3d scanned parts ranging from pin sized objects to Boeing 757 commercial airliners.

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3D Scanning Workflow

Our Scanning Technologies

    [accordionitem] We Offer High Resolution 3d white light scanning with Steinbichler comet 5 and L3D white light scanners.
    [/accordionitem] [accordionitem] Steinbichler blue light 3d scanners offer the highest accuracy, affordable prices, and extreme portability.
    [/accordionitem] [accordionitem] Faro edge arm with the V5 3d laser scanner offers the highest flexibility and accuracy while measuring in tight and enclosed spaces.
    [/accordionitem] [accordionitem] Industrial CT scanning is a 3d x-ray type scanning method which allows hidden areas of the part to be measured successfully and accurately. This data can be used for reverse engineering and inspection.

There are many downstream applications of the 3D laser scan data, like reverse engineering, Digital inspection, Digital assembly, product design, data archiving, and rapid prototyping. We can assist you in any of these processes.

The 3d laser scan data file can be delivered in many different CAD formats. With our state of the art equipment, we can deliver ultra high resolution, highly accurate data. Send your parts to us, or we can bring our portable equipment to your location.


    Quickly and accurately measure 100 % of the surface of any part, die, mold or prototype.

    Digital assembly and inspection ensure proper fitment of parts.

    Provides data of legacy parts which were built before the CAD-era.

    No size limitation: Measure small and large parts with ease.

    Flexibility,accuracy, and speed-to-market at your fingertips.