Product Design Service

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Product Design Service

Our product design service can be broken down into several different steps. After conceptualization of an idea, it is evaluated thoroughly, brought to a shape( physical or digital), then modified or refined through the process . Re-evaluation and any necessary modifications finalize the new product.

This is done by using efficient design and development methods, that include clay modeling, 3d scanning, reverse engineering of a handmade part, comparing a part with and existing product on the market, redesigning certain aspects of an existing design, creating rapid prototypes and then incorporating physical changes into a digital design, and finally creating digital content for completed product designs. Using our product design service, you can also help you communicate your ideas more effectively to potential buyers/investors, as well as to potential manufacturing suppliers.

Your Custom Product Design Service

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Using our scan data from a soft rope lacrosse racket, we created a CAD model and made changes before creating a designing a plastic mold for production.

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Benefits and uses

    Our unique process work flow achieves faster design-2-market transition.

    We work directly with you to develop your concept.

    Use of industry leading CAD software enable intuitive product design service.

    Digital assembly rectifies potential design flaws.

    Rapid prototypes of the initial designs ensure visual and functional validity.