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  • Digital 3d engineering services

Applications 3D provides expert services in 3D scanning, Reverse Engineering, Inspection / Quality control, CAD and product design/development.

Our state of the art technology includes portable white light/ blue light 3d scanning, laser digitizing, 3d photogrammetry measurement, software based inspection services, freeform surface modeling, and advanced CAD services like parametric modeling, class A modeling, and legacy 2d to 3D data conversion.
Our company is based in Metro Detroit, Michigan, Get it done right, with value, experience, and professionalism!

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Our 3D scanning services are used to measure three dimensional models for a variety of applications, including reverse engineering, product design, inspection, 3d color maps and analysis. Automotive parts, injection molded plastic parts, die cast parts, consumer items, patterns, Complex dies, molds and other tooling can be compared quickly and accurately to the CAD models. The portability of our machines enables us to perform the 3d digitizing at your location. This ensures onsite dimensional checks and GD&T analysis by digitally capturing all shapes and comparing the scandata of as built parts to the design intent.

Our various types of reverse engineered 3D CAD models, including organic models, engineering grade and fully parametric models in all industry standard software.Since all of our 3-d scanning services are portable, you can use us as your local service provider !


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